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Designed by Anton Koovit

12 styles in 2 subfamilies


An original typeface influenced by both grotesk and humanist sans-serif, Adam is the first typeface published by Anton Koovit. It was started as his graduation project at TypeMedia in The Hague, with the idea to develop a typeface for art manifestos.
Adam is made of twelve styles, four of which are stencils “Cut” styles. All in a wide character set and small caps. A cyrillic version is also available upon request.


Downdload our free trials and test Adam in your layout.

Font formats delivered

Desktop: OTF (PostScript based OpenType)
Webfonts: WOFF & EOT (Based on optimized TTF, other formats upon request)
App: OTF (PostScript based OpenType, TTF upon request)
EPUB: OTF (PostScript based OpenType, TTF upon request)