• Licensing Fonts

  • Licensing?

    When you buy fonts, you purchase a license to use the fonts on certain mediums and under the conditions of the EULA.

    We offer a simple license covering most needs: DESKTOP+WEB allows you to use our fonts in desktop software (such as: Office, Adobe Suite, Architecture & 3D, etc.), as well as in one website with unlimited traffic. This license covers most designers' needs, such as the creation of logotypes, most printed matters, websites, etc. Typical personal and business office needs, such as the creation of internal documents in Microsoft Office and/or other similar software are also covered.
    Please read the EULA carefully and contact us in case of questions.

    To add more computers, more websites, or upgrade from single styles to a family package, send us an email with your license and your desire. We will send you a coupon with the appropriate discount.
    For mobile Apps and eBooks/EPUB, we offer separate licenses. If you have a different use in mind, please contact us.


  • What is the EULA?

    The EULA, or End User License Agreement is a document that details the terms for using our fonts. Before purchasing a license, you need to read and agree with the EULA. Our EULA includes a few key points:
    You purchase a license allowing you to use our fonts, not ownership of the fonts.
    You can use the fonts only in the medium(s) for which you have a license.
    Licenses are limited to a specific amount of computers, websites, Apps or eBooks. Web traffic is unlimited but the price is determined by the initial traffic of the website.

    A license only covers font use by the license owner (and employees). Fonts cannot be shared with people outside of the legal entity that owns the license. For example, an agency creating a visual identity cannot give the fonts to the client. The client must purchase his own license to use the fonts.

    It is not allowed to modify, copy or resell our fonts, or to use our fonts to create new fonts. If you need to modify our fonts, please contact us. In general we require a fee and do it ourselves, but occasionaly, if you have a good reason, we will allow you to modify the font yourself. You are allowed to modify the design of the glyphs, for logotypes or posters of course, but not the font in terms of software.

  • Payments

  • Which payment systems do you accept?

    Direct payments with VISA and Mastercard, or using PayPal.
    Other credit cards, such as American Express or Discover, are not accepted directly but sometimes work through PayPal's system.
    Clients preferring bank transfer should email us. Please be aware that bank transfer orders are treated manually and can take between 3 and 7 workdays to complete. Because of this, we charge an extra fee of 30 EUR. Fonts are not delivered before we receive confirmation from the bank.

  • Delivery

  • When do I receive my order?

    Orders are delivered by email as soon as the payment is processed. In general this takes less than 5 minutes. In case of delay, please check your junk/spam folders. Orders can also be downloaded in your account. On rare occasions, Paypal takes extra time to verify a payment. Contact us if you think your order is taking particularly long.

  • Why didn't I receive my order yet?

    Orders are sent to the email address you provided, please verify it in your account. Sometimes emails with zip files are filtered in a junk/spam folder, please check that.
    Orders can also be downloaded in your account. On rare occasions, Paypal takes extra time to verify a payment. Contact us if you think your order is taking particularly long.

  • Technical questions

  • Which formats do you deliver?

    For desktop we deliver .OTF files (CFF – PostScript flavored OpenType)

    For the web, we deliver .WOFF and .EOT files

    For Mobile Apps and Epub we deliver .OTF files

    On request we can deliver other formats.

  • How do I install fonts?

    On Mac:

    Unpack downloaded .zip file.
 Double click on a font file (.otf), this will open the font in a fontbook font preview window. 
 Press "install font" button.


    On PC:

    Unpack downloaded .zip file.
 Double click on the font file (.otf), this will open font preview window.
 Press "install" button. 
 Or copy font file (.otf) into your Windows/Fonts folder.

  • How do I uninstall fonts?

    On Mac:

    Open Font Book
 In the list of fonts find the font that you would like to uninstall.
 Right click on the font.
 Press "remove the font family"


    On PC:

    Navigate to Windows/Fonts folder.
 Select the font that you would like to uninstall and select it.
 Press backspace button to delete. Or right click with the mouse and select "Delete".
 In the opening dialog confirm by pressing "OK".

  • Can I use the fonts on Windows?

    Yes, you can use our fonts on MS Windows. All our fonts are produced according to the latest industry standards.

  • Trial fonts

  • What are trial fonts, what can I use the trial fonts for?

    Trial fonts are font versions with a limited character set: A-z and basic punctuation. Fatype provides Trial fonts for the only purpose of trying the fonts before buying. It is allowed to make mockups, sample layouts and proofs for client's approval. Trial fonts cannot be used to produce final designs and published projects. It is strictly forbidden to upload our Trial fonts on other websites, and to use them as a starting point for other fonts. Please refer to the complete Trial fonts EULA.

  • Discounts

  • Do you offer students/educational discounts?

    Students and teachers receive a 25% discount. You need to contact us per email and send us a proof that you are a teacher or student (valid student card or other document). We may contact the establishment to check. We don't provide other discounts or free fonts for educational projects.

  • Can I get a discount?

    Unless you are a student/teacher, we do not offer discounts. A lot of work goes into the design and production of our fonts, we can only make a living by selling them at a fair price. We hope you understand.

  • Privacy

  • What do you do with my information?

    We don't share your information with third parties. We use it only to manage orders and for internal marketing purposes such as sending specimens. We don't send newsletter emails unless you agreed to subscribe at some point. Our website uses one cookie so visitors can remain logged in across pages, and Google Analytics.