A grotesque that combines a straightforward style with eccentric letter shapes inspired by french vernacular typography and Art Nouveau.



Baton Nouveau is the new version of Baton, with additional weights, an extended character set including Cyrillic and Greek, as well as some slight design improvements. A practical sans serif designed to look simple, yet sophisticated, elegant, yet unpretentious, Baton Nouveau is available in 2 widths – normal and condensed – with 28 styles in total, as well as in the new Variable Font Format, for designers wanting more range to work with weight, width, and slant, or new interactive possibilities to experiment with on web or motion projects.

The condensed width features a small x-height and narrow proportions that enhance its distinctive flair. The normal width translates the original character into a versatile grotesque. All the design choices — proportions, spacing, weights — have been made for Baton Nouveau to work ideally in the numerous settings that modern typography, both print and digital, presents.

Baton Nouveau is available in 28 styles with an extended character set including Cyrillic-based languages, Greek, as well as a wide range of OpenType features such as Stylistic Sets, tabular and lowercase figures, fractions and more.

Originally commissioned by Yorgo Tloupas and Paul Chemetoff for the redesign of GQ France magazine.

For a full overview of the Baton Nouveau Family, have a look at our PDF specimen.