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1 website is included with every Desktop + Web license. Web traffic is unlimited.

Initial Web Traffic is the maximum amount of unique visitors at the moment you upload the webfonts. After that, traffic is unlimited.
Additional websites are available at a reduced price in your account.


10 styles
Designed by Anton Koovit
with Yassin Baggar


UCity is a new take on U8, our typeface based on Berlin underground signs. While U8 is faithful to the original source: an early modernist design, UCity offers a geometric typeface inspired by today’s city. The warmth and innocence of early modernist geometry is replaced by a colder graphic character with modern proportions, selected breaks in curves, and diplomatic geometry.

Visit the fatypeflux website:

How to develop typefaces today?
#fatypeflux is our answer:

Taking full advantage of the digital nature of fonts. Breaking with the old model of releasing type families after years of behind-the-scenes work. Involving you in our creation process and adapting the design based on real-projects feedback. Releasing updated and alternate versions.
In short, producing typefaces dynamically. In flux.

Send us your work and feedback at [email protected] and get discounts on future typefaces. We would also love to collaborate, adapting our typefaces to specific projects.


Font formats delivered

Desktop: OTF, OpenType PostScript, other formats upon request.
Webfonts: WOFF & WOFF2, based on optimized TTF, other formats upon request.
App: OTF, other formats upon request.
EPUB: OTF, other formats upon request.